A downloadable Operating System for Windows

WDOS is an operating system based of the FreeDOS Kernel build 2041. It runs on DOS so it is like a relative of Windows 1.01 until Windows 3.1.

Extract the files from the .zip file,open Rufus,Press OK and copy all the files to your USB Flash Drive or SD Card and restart your computer and boot from your SD Card or Flash Drive. If you have Secure Boot on you must disable it for this to work. I don't know if you could run it from your SSD or not.

Install instructions

Just open Rufus,Press OK and copy the files to your USB,SD Card or your Hard Drive and restart your computer and boot using it. Then you're done.

NOTE: Write autoexec to get back into WDOS if you pressed E


WDOS.zip 884 kB
Virtual WDOS For Windows(32 bit) 51 kB
Virtual WDOS For Windows(64 bit) 103 kB


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On Win10, Windows Defender claims it's a virus and blocks even downloading of the Virtual versions. (I don't think it would be a virus.)

Just click on run anyway

You Can Not Run This In VirtualBox or VMWare